Family Camp

After our trip to Montana for the 4th of July we headed up to Timothy Lake for the weekend to camp with Jake’s family (35+? people).  We had originally planned to stay two nights but Jake has been busy at work and we ended up just going up for Saturday.  Regardless, we had a great time hanging out with these kiddos!


They also had a baby shower there with all the ladies of the camp.  It was so much fun to get advice from MANY women that have done this before.  They decorated onsies and we have some great ones!  I can’t wait for baby P to wear all the love.

P1030290 P1030286

Jake even went swimming… the one cold weekend we have had happened to be when we were camping and I was not about to get in that water!


In addition to family camp we went to Corvallis…twice.  Once to celebrate Gary’s 70th birthday and once for a float trip with some of Jake’s friends. On Gary’s birthday, the boys went to the coast to fish.

P1030338As you can tell by the weather it was not ideal for fishing.  They went crabbing instead and pulled home 12(!!) crabs.  We had a feast.  I hung out with Ashleigh, the three kids and Jan and enjoyed a trip to the farmers market and the park.

Our float trip was also a lot of fun (you may hear more in a separate post from Jake)!  It has been hot here –

IMG_1278While I normally love the heat and tolerate it well, I haven’t been doing so well with it as of late.  The float trip was perfect for the 100 degree day.  I stayed relatively cool on the water and was surprisingly comfortable on the tube.

P1030380 P1030378 P1030357I wish that beer was mine! P1030349P1030352

When we haven’t been traveling we have definitely been in the nesting mode!  We have cleaned up many areas of the house, including closets, and been getting rid of stuff too.  We just made some necessary purchases for babies arrival (ahhemm VITAMIX!) and when Jake hasn’t been working he has been energized to make some freezer meals.

IMG_1284I think this was the first time he used the cookbook I got him 2 years ago.  For his first time making a roux he did a great job – and I can’t wait to eat that mac n cheese in a few months!

I started canning and made 12 half pints of raspberry lemon jam that was sweetened with honey.  I sure hope the honey I used didn’t have too strong of a flavor.  I also plan to can whole tomatoes, jalapeño jelly (at husbands request), and salsa (trying to decide between tomatillo (we will have a lot of tomatillos from our garden soon!) or regular).

On the pregnancy front, things have been moving along.  I have been struggling off and on with sciatic pain and constantly have this obnoxious left rib pain but otherwise I have been feeling good.  I continue to keep up with exercise  although I just subbed out 1 day of my cycling class with swimming instead.  Swimming just feels so good.


28 weeksIMG_1285

31 weeks

Can’t believe baby is due in less than 10 weeks.  it seems unreal!


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