Individual Frozen Smoothies

Hi there!

We have had a beautiful weekend in Oregon – high 50’s and sunny.  It is glorious!

Lately, I have been struggling with healthy snacks and breakfast ideas.  I need something quick and satisfying.  Raw veggies haven’t been cutting it!

Jake and I have been doing smoothies about once per week but we don’t have a high powered blender so it takes us a while to get the right consistency of fluid and fruit and many times our smoothies end up more watered down then we would like.  I started doing some searching on Pinterest for smoothie ideas and discovered the idea of freezing individual smoothie “packets”.  Essentially, you place all the ingredients for the smoothie in freezer bags except for sweetener and liquid.

IMG_0099Because of all of my freezing of fruit (cherries, strawberries, blueberries, and peaches) last summer we had everything on hand and the packets came together in a pinch.  I made the following smoothie packets:

  • Strawberry Oat (oatmeal, almonds, strawberries, yogurt, banana, honey)
  • Tropical (mango, peach, banana, kale, coconut water)
  • Cherry Limeade (peach, cherry, milk, lime juice, kale)
  • Berry (kale, blueberries, strawberries, banana, milk, and oats

I will let you know how they work out this week.  I am hoping that if I don’t make one for breakfast, I can still blend one up in the morning and store it in the freezer at work for a quick snack.

Other things we were up to this weekend:

  • Installing 2 new toilets – Jake’s parents got me toilets for my birthday and I am thrilled!  Our toilets were very old and used SO. MUCH. WATER.  And half the time they didn’t flush the toilet contents down!  We actually only ended up getting one in because while installing, the ceramic cracked and broke.  Hopefully we will get the other one in soon.
  • Removing all the bushes (9 in total) from our front corner yard and dug three 3 ft deep holes for blueberries.  Although we knew we wanted to remove all those bushes and make the landscaping edible (blueberries, rhubarb, and raspberries) at some point, we weren’t planning to do it this soon.  We just happened to get a killer deal on mature blueberry plants that we couldn’t pass up.  I hope they survive!  In addition we mowed the lawn, raked so many leaves and filled our entire yard debris bin and still have several piles of yard debris scattered around the rest of the yard.IMG_0101
  • We finished our guest bathroom!  I wish I had before AND after shots.  We updated the light fixture (previous fixture was a large wooden box that extended out from the wall about 1 foot and had a grate that allowed the light to shine through), got a new mirror, and painted (previous paint was purple and blue stripes with a floor to ceiling flower painted behind the door).  Eventually we would like new cabinets, counter top, and sink… one project at a time!
  • IMG_0103
  • Saturday after the toilets were done we took a quick trip out to Willamette Mission State Park and did a 3 mile walk before it got dark.  I love that we live so close to the outdoors!

In the coming weeks, it is midterms at UP (lots of grading to catch up on for me), I will be traveling to Las Vegas for a conference, and Jake plans to start painting our bedroom.

Hope you had a rejuvenating weekend!




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