Bryce + North Rim Grand Canyon

On Friday evening after work we started our voyage making it is far as Sisters.  We woke up early Saturday morning and drove through eastern Oregon, southern Idaho (so flat, long, and boring – thank goodness we were able to stream the ducks football game), and down to Provo, UT.


Of course, we couldn/t drive through SLC without stopping at The Annex by Epic Brewery.  We can get Epic Brewery beers in select beer shops in Oregon but the food.  OMG.  It was good.  Jake had a lamb burger with a salad and I had trout with lentils and fall vegetables.  Mmmm…. I highly recommend!  And for a Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. we got right in.  Bonus!

IMG_0980The next morning we woke up to dark clouds over the mountains and roaring winds.  We quickly checked the weather and  Bryce was forecasted at high of 45 degrees and 40 MPH winds.  Eeekkk!

IMG_2104As we wrestled to set up our large tent, we briefly contemplated getting a hotel, but instead wrapped our big tent back up and pulled out the small backpacking tent.  This was much easier to set up in the wind!  Despite the weather, Bryce is beautiful.  The tall spikey things are called Hoodoo’s and Jake and I did a short 3 mile hike down around the Hoodoo’s.

IMG_2102P1010900P1010903P1010890IMG_2137IMG_2119IMG_2117It was so cold (woke up and it was 29 degrees!!) on the night we stayed in Bryce, we ended up making ourselves some tea and going for another walk along the rim to keep warm! Bryce is a smaller park so you don’t need a lot of time there but it was definitely worth the stop and the stars.  My goodness, the stars!

Next stop: North Rim Grand Canyon!

We arrived at the North Rim in early afternoon and by the time we set up camp and got our backpacks ready for the next day it was already 3:30 p.m.  We had planned to do a 4 mile hike from the campground to Bright Angel View Point but sunset was 6:00 p.m. and didn’t think we would have enough time.  Instead, we drove to the lodge, walked out to Bright Angel View Point and enjoyed a drink on the patio.


P1010924  IMG_0992 IMG_0990 As we were cleaning up dinner we realized the sun was still high in the sky at 6:00 p.m…. we had forgotten to turn our clocks after driving into AZ.  Stupid AZ time zones!  But it gave us time to take some quick pictures of the sunset.

P1010936 P1010931It was another cold night but we were so ready to hit the next part of our adventure we went to bed early in anticipation of hitting the trail!

Hold tight for Part II… coming soon!


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