Why I Quit Facebook

A few months ago, I decided to disconnect from Facebook.  And this disconnect from Facebook was a decision that was actually in the making for many months and I finally had had enough!

One of the first things that got me thinking about “giving it up” was the fact that I was spending so.much.time on Facebook.  I would check it several times per day on my App at work and once I got home I could easily spend 45 minutes looking at things.  I would complain because I didn’t have time to do XXX and quickly realized that the time I was spending on Facebook was inhibiting me from doing other things I enjoy.  It some ways, I felt addicted and I didn’t like.

The biggest decision maker was that Facebook was messing with my mental health.  It sounds weird but it is so true.  And there are actually articles that have been published related to this!  I started to feel like I wasn’t good enough – I wasn’t far enough in my career, my house wasn’t nice enough, I wasn’t going on any cool trips, I should be having kids, and why can’t we do all these trips like other people do?  I started feeling like my life was inadequate when we all know that is soooooo far from the truth!

I also started to feel JEALOUS.  And I couldn’t stand this.  Someone would post something about a career advancement, new home, engagement, pregnancy and I would get jealous.  Jealous.  I felt so awful because I wanted to be happy but I was angry.  Why are these things happening to these people and not me?  I had NEVER felt this way in my whole life and it felt so icky!

Lastly, I had 400 500 maybe 600 friends and the majority of those people I didn’t really know or care about, yet I was caring.  There were people that I was connected with that I would prefer not to be.  Just seeing a post would cause old, unpleasant memories to creep back into my mind.  I would spend all this time on Facebook, only to leave it feeling angry, frustrated, and worthless.

And then I would find myself back on the App first thing in the morning.  It was a vicious cycle.

And how have things been since I left?  So much better!  I am still working hard to consciously disconnect from instagram, pinterest, and the blogs I follow to find more productive time but the jealous and feelings of inadequacy are completely gone.  I miss seeing pictures and getting updates from my family (so send some my way!! :)) but I know if there is anything super interesting Jake will let me know.

What We Have Been Up To:

  • We finished up projects in anticipation of winter
    • Canning!
    • IMG_0056 IMG_0054
    • Putting plastic in the crawl space
    • Finished putting up gutter guards
    • rain x’d our windshields
    • cleaned!!  A while ago I had asked how people keep up with cleaning and have fun.  My solution: have fun and don’t clean.  Everything in our house was pretty yucky so I really got down to business this weekend!
    • Enjoyed college football with these snacks: buffalo “chicken” wings, chicken nuggets, and a black bean dip.
    • Spent our last time by the pool at our gym.  We will miss the sunshine but are ready for fall!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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