On Being a Homeowner

Good Morning!

Welcome to the start of a new week.  In the last month 9 months Jake and I have been busy with house projects and I feel like our home is finally coming together.  I thought it would be fun to share a few of the things we have done since moving in.

Cleaning out the gardens.

IMG_0799 IMG_0710

When we moved in the garden was totally overgrown and full of grass.  We dug everything out, including most of the dirt and planted our own garden.  Our garden went crazy and, as you know from previous posts, we have been doing what we can to preserve much of what we grew for winter.  The plants and the woodpile you see along the side of the house have all been removed.  Side note: I wish our grass still looked that green!

Building  Fence

I know I mentioned this previously but it was a huge project.  And look how nice it looks compared to the chainlink fence!

IMG_0053 IMG_0052

Cleaning up the back patio and gardens.

One of my favorite spots in the house.  The gardens are now overgrown again… next weekends project?


This is my favorite!  Most recently we got furniture for our fire place and added a buffet table (is that what those are called?), which was Jake’s grandmothers, to the dining room.  Both of these updates really brought the house together.


4 tap kegerator.


Enough said.

Gas fire place insert.

When we moved in the fire place was wood burning.  We tried it out a couple of times over the winter and it wasn’t the greatest.  It didn’t warm the house and it made everything smell like smoke.  In August, we put in gas and it is amazing!  I can’t wait for winter to come, just so I can sit in front of it for hours!

IMG_0033Other less exciting projects.

  • Inserted a bathroom fan into the master bath
  • Put in a new drainage system on the side of the house (the other one wasn’t draining and water was going under the house. EEE!)
  • Placed a fan up in the attic that turns on automatically when it reaches 100 degrees
  • Started painting; still have lots more to do
  • Cleaned out the ponds in front and back and put in pumps for the fountains
  • All the outdoor lights were on sensors so we changed them so they only turn on on a switch
  • Cleaned out and re-caulked the gutters.  Currently in the process of putting on gutter shields (not sure that is the right name) to keep out the leaves in fall
  • Got a new dishwasher and gas stove (my love!!)
  • Gary put in sliders in our cupboards.  Life. Saver.

Other projects on our mind

  • Paint the bedrooms and bathrooms then move onto the main room
  • Update the bathroom (light fixtures, sinks, counter tops, cupboards)
  • Update kitchen cabinets and counter tops
  • Update house trim
  • Update wood doors to white doors (??)

Most of the above projects probably won’t happen for a while.  But a girl can dream.

Last week in the JP Household

We were home and it was amazing!  I co-hosted a baby shower this weekend which was loads of fun and Saturday night Jake and I had date night.  We went to coin jam (an arcade bar) and challenged each other in duck hunt, mario bros, pinball, and air hockey.  So many fun old school games! We then went to the movie “Chef”.  It was fun and light hearted but nothing to write home about.

Sunday was filled with prep for the week and Jake offered to make dinner.  Winning!  Last Sunday we actually had time to sit and play a game together.


A-mazing!  And we enjoyed this awesome Roasted Tomato Sandwich.  It was so good we had it for dinner and breakfast.  If you make it I would suggested subbing the basil and mayo for a basil pesto aoili (mayo, basil, garlic).


We are thoroughly enjoying having a several weekends at home and are looking forward to a few more before the fall chaos sets in.



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