One Month Update

Wow!  Where did the summer run to?


The last month has been absolutely insane, in the best way possible.  Here is what has been happening in the JP household, as of late.

We built a fence.

IMG_0883The fence on the front of our house was originally chain link.  Because the largest part of our yard is the side yard and we spend a lot of time there we wanted a little more privacy.  With the generous help of my father-in-law we dug up fence posts, dug new post holes, mixed cement, carted around gravel, and hauled wood.  This project took us TWO whole weekends (and of course it was 90 degrees outside!).  As we speak, Jake is painting the fence.  Bonus to building a fence:

IMG_0881Initials in the cement!

We wrapped up Zults Wars.

IMG_0029 IMG_0028We had so much fun doing this with our gym.  It was wonderful getting to know our teammates (and 5:15 a.m. exercise buddies) better and it opened our eyes to the significant number of extras we consume (We heart beer and I heart chocolate).  Although we weren’t shooting for any results Jake and I both gained a significant amount of muscle which was really fun to see.  Our favorite meals from the experience: fish packets (tilapia with vegetables combined in an aluminum foil packet and baked) served with brown rice and mango salsa and peanut butter oatmeal balls – O.M.G!

BiMart Willamette Country Music Festival.

IMG_0889Jake bought me tickets to the music festival for my birthday so I had been WAITING for this weekend for a long time!  And the wait was totally worth it.  We saw Gary Allen, Eric Church, Blake Shelton, Thompson Square, and Sarah Evans across the course of 3 evenings.  Jake liked Sarah Evans so much he fell asleep!

Hood to Coast.

IMG_0899Where do I even start!?  This was one of the most exhausting, thrilling, and fun events I have ever done.  Over the course of 32 hours our team of twelve ran 199 miles from Mt. Hood to the Coast.  Our team name was “I Mustache You a Question” (hence the ‘staches) and that provided lots of fun conversations with other participants. Over the course of 40 hours we slept 1.5 hours (from 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.), ran 37 miles between the two of us, and hardly ate a thing but once we arrived at the coast it was totally worth it!

IMG_0908IMG_0905 IMG_0904If you would like to see more pictures from the event you can search the hashtag #imustacheyouaquestionhtc14

Camping at Diamond Lake with Family.


Diamond Lake is in Southern Oregon about 15 minutes from Crater Lake.  It was beautiful there (but cold!) and it was fun to camp with our niece and nephew. We also did some fishing but didn’t get lucky!

P1010866And Jake gets the award for coolest Uncle ever –

IMG_0915Yup, those are Jake’s bright pink nails.  He was kind enough to let our niece pretty him up 🙂

After all those amazing adventures we each started this week off fighting colds, tending to piles of laundry, trying to clean up the garden (it is crazy!!), and I am frantically trying to get accustomed to teaching at the University level and quickly learning there is a very steep learning curve!

Wow, now that I typed a novel…I better get to that laundry I was talking about and start gearing up for our next grand adventure – THE GRAND CANYON! 

Happy weekend!






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