The word above essentially sums up what we have been up to the last two weeks, which is why Jake looks like this:


We are competing in Hood to Coast in 27 days.  Eeee!  Hood to Coast is a relay running race that starts at Mt. Hood and goes all the way out to Seaside, Oregon for a total of 199 miles.  We have 12 people on our team and over ~24 hours each of us will run 3 legs.  My three legs will total 20 miles and Jake’s will total about 16.  If you are interested in learning more about this race, I highly suggest the documentary.  It is the only movie I have seen in the theater by myself.

I don’t know that you can ever be fully prepared for H2C but we are doing our best.  This Friday we ran 5.4 miles in the morning, 4 miles after work (in 85 degrees!), and 8 miles Saturday morning (in addition to 2 days of weight lifting and a 5 mile run on Monday).  Needless to say, tomorrow will likely be spent laying in the sun!

Last weekend, we ventured to Timothy Lake.  Jake’s extended family has a big camping trip every year and it was fun to hang out with the “older” generation. 

IMG_0005It is beautiful there and we did some fishing, hiking, and watched helicopters pick up buckets of water to fight the forest fire nearby.  Oregon is burning up… and it is only July!


Things are going really well!  Eating the same thing every day isn’t as monotonous as I thought.  And boy do we have a lot of time in the evenings since we do all our food prep on the weekend.  This last week we had buckwheat pancakes and eggs, curry chicken salad, and spaghetti and meatballs in addition to cuc’s from the garden and trail mix.  We have participated in all the challenges so far and are really enjoying getting to know our teammates.

Because we are not drinking as much beer (wow, we were drinking a lot of beer!), we have both been looking for beverage alternatives.  We tapped out 3 of the 4 pony kegs in our kegarator (not on our own of course!!) so we decided to fill one up with water and carbonate it.  SO. GOOD.  Whats not to love about sparkling water on tap!?  We have been adding lemon or lime for flavor which is incredibly refreshing on thes hotter days.


  • We took a shooting class to learn how to use a handgun.  Let’s just say we “killed” it!


  • Preserving food like it’s my job – zucchini chips anyone!?
  • Prepping for my first fall term as an instructor at University of Portland
  • Playing with my new iPad Mini 😀 otherwise known as re-discovered my love for candy crush!!
  • Attended the Salem Bite+Brew – we tried about 8 tasters and actually weren’t impressed by any of them.  Too many heavy beers on a warm day IMO.
  • Trying to keep our house clean while still having fun.  Anyone have any tips for this!?  I can’t seem to keep up!
  • Making ice cream for my father-in-laws birthday.  Soooo… good.  Recipe will be on the blog sometime this week! 🙂

Happy Weekend Y’all!




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