Jake and I are doing something a little crazy.

IMG_0865We go to this great gym about twice per week for a class called Group Power.  It is a weight lifting class and we have actually enjoyed getting up at 4:45 a.m. to make it there by 5:15.  We have come to know many of the people in our class and we all hold each other accountable, which makes it even more fun.

A couple of weeks ago our instructor started talking about a fun competition the gym was holding called “Zults”. I **love** competition and was total on board.  Unlike most things in my life, I failed at getting the details of said competition and today we are beginning a 6 week journey that we were not entirely expecting!

See, we had envisioned working out in our team of 4, encouraging each other, and doing team competitions.  One minor detail we missed was the daunting nutrition plan.  Being a dietitian, you would think I would be all over it, but, truthfully, I like to eat what I want, when I want to.  Not only that but cooking and planning meals so is enjoyable for me.  I like to do that stuff for fun {nerd alert}.

It’s not that I won’t be cooking but the plan tells us exactly what to eat and you essentially eat the same thing every day ALL. WEEK. LONG.  Dying already!

I plan to update you weekly with how things are going.  Today is day 1…5 hours in and feeling grand!

What we are eating this week:

  • Zucchini egg scramble (I made them into egg cups for quick mornings) **Thank goodness zucchini was in the meal plan… our garden is going crazy!Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 10.01.49 AM
  • BBQ Chicken Sandwiches (I also made BBQ’d Tofu for some variety)
  • Tostada’s with ground turkey (plan to use black beans and ground beef as a substitute a couple days this week
  • And your typical snacks, snacks snacks!

What else happened over the last week?

  • We did a Farm to Fork dinner at EZ Orchards for an anniversary celebration
  • Spent all day Sunday on the couch watching soccer after our trip to go to the coast was shut down by thunder, lightning, and rain.  It was a thunder storm for literally 6 hours!
  • We went for a 5 mile run (which turned into 4 mile run because we walked and talked the first mile) in Minto Brown park
  • We got a lot of blueberries from our CSA for freezing.  Smoothies all winter! 🙂

Have a great week y’all!




3 thoughts on “Zults!

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