Just like Christmas… Only better!

The weekend is almost here!  And for many in my home state of Montana, this weekend is unarguably the biggest and best weekend of the year.

This very special weekend  began on November 25, 1887 and continues to this day.  It is one of the oldest rivalries in the country and brings people from all over the state (and country) to cheer on their favorite team.  You will find much slander, bad jokes, and the most intense fans football has ever seen.  It is the Brawl of the Wild!

Montana State and University of Montana are brought together to determine the toughest team in the state (and give fans bragging rights for the entire year!).

And I am not afraid to admit that I am, straight up, a wild and crazy BOBCAT fanatic. I mean, look at my Facebook page.  It screams blue and gold and I couldn’t be more proud about.

Now, this Bobcat spirit just didn’t pop up out of no where.  I blame my parents.  Just look at our Christmas card picture from many moons ago.

Now do you understand where I get it?

But let’s get real here.  Being a Montana State Bobcat has been more than football and the crazy rival (and crazy parents).  During my time as as student there I made so many wonderful memories and was surrounded by intelligent, thoughtful, and caring professors and mentors that really shaped me into the person I am today.  Montana State has more than just athletics, it has community, tradition, and national recognition for many academic accomplishments.  It is snuggled in a beautiful Montana town that has just about everything you could ever ask for, and of course is home to some of the best fans around!  I don’t know many people (except Bobcat Alumni) that have that kind of love for their alma mater and I think that’s saying something.

And so, when many people will be doing their usual weekend routine, fans will be traveling hundreds of miles, going to Satellite parties across the country,  eating food, drinking drink (preferably out of a Blue Bobcat Cup), and having a great time (and an even greater time when the Cats win!) all for the love of their alma mater.

Looking for an appetizer to please your crowd?

Make these cauliflower “wings”.  I made them last weekend and they were gone in minutes, hence no photos.  I know it sounds crazy, but they are amazing, are easy to make, and literally have the same texture and consistency as boneless wings!

Now, go make some wings, grab and brew, and watch this video to get you pumped for the best weekend of the year!

Oh, and GO CATS!


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